Hi, I’m Morgan, owner and creative behind Suite Hive Collective.

I grew up in Georgia and that’s where I’m still based today, just North of Atlanta in Canton. When I am not designing, I enjoy all things outdoors. I love to hike, run, ride horseback, kayak, and get out on the lake. I love being with family and friends whenever I can. Fabrics, patterns, antiques, restoration, and decorating are great inspirations and hobbies of mine. Moving from hobby to hobby keeps me on my toes and helps me stay motivated artistically. I'm a loving, bubbly, outgoing person who enjoys coffee dates, movie nights, pizza, and spontaneous adventures.


With a passion for all things design, I knew I wanted to build a community around serving others. Suite Hive Collective is a studio based out of Georgia that strives to lead, serve and connect visionaries to see the beauty in the details. The ultimate goal in fulfilling the purpose for Suite Hive Collective is to pursue Him in all things; to move people to want to be a part of something bigger.